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1. Who do I contact for street maintenance complaints (i.e., potholes)?
2. How do I dispose of tree limbs or brush?
3. Who do I talk to about getting my garbage picked up?
4. Where is the city's landfill?
5. How do I dispose of my leaves?
6. As a property owner, am I responsible for the removal of snow on the sidewalk in front of my home?
7. If a streetlight on my street is not functioning, how do I report the problem?
8. How do I dispose of my old large appliances (e.g. washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher)?
9. How do I dispose of my old large furniture items? (e.g. couches, chairs, mattresses and other large items)?
10. What type of storm sewer maintenance does the city perform?
11. Who do I call about storm sewer problems?
12. Who is responsible for removing dead animals?
13. Where can I report a leaking fire hydrant?
14. If you see water coming up from the ground or roadway, who do I call?