New Residential Code of Ohio Went into Effect on July 1, 2019

The Ohio Board of Building Standards (BBS) amended the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Chapters 4101:8-1 to 4101:8-44 (rescind and adopt new) to comply with the five-year rule review and to update the current Residential Code of Ohio (RCO) to reflect the 2018 edition of the "International Residential Code" with Ohio amendments. The new RCO will go into effect on Monday, July 1, 2019. You may download (PDF) or purchase the new RCO.

General Information

  • Permit applications are available online in the Forms section at or in the Civic Hall, 11 East State Street in Trenton.
  • The City of Trenton has contracted with National Inspection Corporation (NIC) to provide building department services, including building plan reviews, residential and commercial inspections, HVAC service, and electrical service. For information on past and active building permits, please visit NIC's Permit Inquiry Page.
  • Please note, all building department correspondence (permit applications, plans, fees, and all zoning department correspondence) must be submitted to the City of Trenton.
  • Questions regarding permitting requirements, fees, or similar topics should be directed to the City of Trenton at 513-988-6304, ext. 150.
  • Questions regarding the building code or to schedule inspections should be directed to NIC at 888-433-4642. NIC Inspectors will be available by telephone to respond to queries between 8 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • The Butler County Health Department (BCHD) handles all plumbing permits within the city. The BCHD is located at 301 S Third Street in Hamilton and can be reached at 513-863-1770.